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General provisions

1. The Regulations define the detailed terms and conditions of car rental agreements concluded by Apex Transport Sh.p.k. based in Saranda, as a Car Hire, Every way. The rules apply to all the aforementioned. Lease agreements, unless the contract provides otherwise. If the contract is inconsistent with the terms of the lease and the Terms and Conditions the parties are contractually bound.
2. A person who has completed 21 years of service may be the lessee of the car and the person authorized to drive the car years old, holds a valid ID (for a citizen of a country belonging to the European Union - document Confirming the identity in accordance with the national law applicable to the place of residence of the Lessee, in For other foreigners - a valid passport) and has been valid for at least one year Honored in AL territory driving license. The requirements set forth in this section apply throughout Duration of rental.In the event of non - compliance by the Lesee or the person entered in the lease agreement. The item "USER DATA" or the person authorized by the Renter according to point 3 of the Regulations, Requirements, the landlord can terminate the lease without retention period.
3. The car can only be driven by (always meeting the requirements of point 2(Terms of Use) of the person listed in the rental agreement under "USER DATA" or - with your consent The landlord expressed in writing under pain of nullity - by the person authorized in writing by the Renter.
4. In case of cancellation by the Lessee of the authorization for the person entitled to drive the Renter's vehicle is obliged to inform the Lessor immediately about this change. In case of abandonment immediately notify the Renter is obliged to repair the damage suffered by the Lessor due to lack of knowledge about the aforementioned. Revocation of authorization.
5. The Lessee shall ensure that the provisions of the Rental Regulations or the Tenant's obligations as well as the rules of behavior in case of an accident or breakdown of the car were also respected by the people who the lessee entrusted driving the car (under the pain of the obligation to repair damage) and also acquainted every time the person driving the vehicle with the obligations related to the operation of the car.
6. The rental period starts from the date specified in the lease agreement or from the date of transfer of the vehicle indicated in vehicle Transfer Protocol, whichever date is an earlier date, unless the pages they will decide otherwise.
7. In the event that the Lessor pays a notice of a possible transfer after signing the lease the deadline for the transfer of the vehicle for any reason will immediately notify the Lessee and the parties together they decide on the date of transfer of the vehicle, subject to the rights of the Renter being a consumer
Resulting from generally applicable law.
8. At the conclusion of the lease, the client makes an advance payment in the amount of rent and costs additional services for the duration of the contract as stated in the contract. VAT invoice including rent and other claims arising out of the lease for the entire duration of the lease are issued afterwards
Return vehicle. If the Lessee expresses consent to receive VAT invoices including rental rent and other charges resulting from the lease in electronic form, VAT invoice will be sent to the e-mail address of the Renter indicated when booking a vehicle or at concluding a lease. Payment can be made in cash or non-cash form.The landlord informs about available non-cash payment methods on the website, branches and by telephone, and unless otherwise stated by the Lessor, any further rents or charges relating thereto the Renter's vehicle is obliged to regulate cashlessly by making a deposit into a bank account
9. If the Tenant signs the rental agreement, transfer protocol or other the document relating to the rental agreement, the Lessor is obliged to send signed by
You lease the document electronically to the e-mail address indicated by the Renter. In this case, the printed version of the document is not available to the Lessee.
10. In the event the Renter is not a consumer, any disputes arising out of or related to the lease the car will be recognized by the court competent for the premises of the Lessor.
11. Fees related to running on the Renter's request to operate outside the Lessor's branch where the lease agreement is indicated in the price list.


Rules for using the vehicle

12. The landlord is obliged to hand over the rent of the vehicle free from defects affecting vehicle usability. The landlord is not liable for mechanical damage to the components car, resulting from the non-fulfillment of the obligations of the Lessee.
13. When using a car, the Renter or any person driving the vehicle is obliged to:
a. Carry important documents required by traffic control (valid and valid AL driver's license, registration certificate, OC policy, rental certificate Car, medical certificate, if required)
b. Car and theft protection (each time the car is closed and the inclusion of all anti-theft devices; Careful off-vehicle document protection and the keys, as well as removing the panel from the radio and not leaving it in the car),
c. Make your own expense and daily car care (check and replenish the oil engine, coolant, brake fluid, washer fluid, pressure test tires and condition of tires, operation of signal lights, passing and driving lights),
d. The use of a fuel type according to the engine specification in the vehicle, given in the document registration and technical documentation of the vehicle,
e. Keeping the car clean - especially in the case of transportation of funds dirty and intense.
14. Going beyond Albania to other European Union countries and Switzerland and Norway is subject to the prior written consent of the Lessor in written form
The order of invalidity. Travel outside of Albania to other countries than indicated in the preceding sentence is permissible provided the Landlord expressly authorizes the written consent of the Landlord the order of invalidity, also, you need to contact the Landlord immediately before you leave. The tenant is
Obliged to repair the damage suffered by the Lessor in connection with the violation by the Lessee the provisions of this point, including the costs of repairs or towing the vehicle outside borders AL. The vehicle has a GPS locator, allowing the landlord to fix it has the vehicle moved beyond the AL limits?
15. The Lessee may not use the car in a manner inconsistent with the Contract, the Terms and Conditions, and the Terms and Conditions
The purpose of the car and the principles of its normal non-excessive exploitation. Is not allowed especially:
A. Towing other vehicles with a car,
B. Exceeding the allowable payload,
C. Smoking in the car,
D. Making alterations or alterations in the car without the consent of the Lessor expressed in writing under pain of invalidity,
E. Carriage within the car of animals. In the event of a breach of this clause, the Lessee will be obliged to repair damages. If the car is introduced in the rental vehicle, the changes referred to in "D" of this point the Landlord is entitled to charge the Lessee with the costs of restoring the previous condition or demanding payment for the loss of value of the vehicle caused by modifications.
16. The landlord or any other person authorized by him has the right to control the way he uses and the condition of the vehicle and documents of the Tenant related to the above circumstances, and the Lessee has obligation to allow control and access to documents.
17. Where the Lessor provides the Renter with the vehicle accessories or accessories vehicle equipment (child car seat, roof trunk, portable GPS navigation, etc.), Renter bears sole responsibility for proper assembly and correct and consistent manner use of accessories and accessories.


18. Rent is charged for 24 hours (payment period). Delay in returning a car to one hour does not result in charging for another day of rental.
19. The rental fee is charged in advance at the rate applicable at the time of the lease.
20. In the event of delayed payment of rental rent for at least two payment periods, the Lessor may terminate the lease without notice, subject to the notice of termination by the lessee, in the form of electronic correspondence (email), telephone or by SMS. The right to charge Tenants with statutory interest for each day of delay in payment. Prior to calling a non-consumer tenant is not necessary to make the above mentioned. Notice
21. The vehicle is fitted with a device enabling the Lessor to remotely lock the vehicle's starter. Locking the starter prevents the vehicle from starting. In the absence of timely payment of rent or other contractual charges, if the Lessee is not a consumer, the Lessee will be entitled to block the starter after the unsuccessful call of the Lessee to pay (in the form of electronic correspondence (email), telephone or by SMS message). Upon payment by the Lessee of the outstanding receivables and notice to the Landlord, the Landlord will restart the starter within 24 hours of posting the outstanding payment. For the period of immobilisation of the vehicle the landlord retains the right to rent. In a state of superior necessity, the Renter may contact Apex Transport
22. The lessee is obliged to return the vehicle at the branch office where the vehicle was delivered after the end of the lease. The return of the vehicle to another location may take place upon agreement with the Landlord and the place of return and the fee due to the Lessor in relation to such return.
23. The return of a vehicle in the Lessor's branch outside office hours is only possible after obtaining the Lessor's consent in writing under pain of nullity. In such a case, the Lessee is obliged to leave the vehicle in the parking lot designated by the Lessor and to leave in the "return box" the keys together with the vehicle's documents and the car entrance ticket (if any). Within two days of the aforementioned. Reimbursement, the Lessee is obliged - at the request of the Lessor - to sign in the branch return statement. In the case of non-representation of a non-consumer tenant, the landlord has the right to draw up a return record with consequences for the Lessee.
24. The extension of the lease requires the consent of the Lessor. The intention to extend the car rental must be reported at least 12 hours before the end of the lease term. The extension of the lease by 24 hours needs to be settled by email or fax, and can also be made in any Lumber division. The lessee is not entitled to waive the extension of the lease pursuant to art. 27 of the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights in connection with the wording of art. 38 pt. Act. Prolongation of the lease for more than 24 hours must be made in one of the Lessor's branches.
25. Non-return of the vehicle within 24 hours of the end of the lease is considered as a misappropriation of the car and reported to the Police. In addition, the Lessor is authorized to lock the vehicle starter in such a case.
26. In the event of termination of the rental agreement without notice, the Lessee is obliged to immediately indicate the location of the car and return it to the place previously determined by the Lessee and the Landlord promptly but not later than 12 hours.
27. In the event of non-return of the car at the place in accordance with the agreement and the Regulations and in the event of a delay in the car's return, the Lessee is obliged to repair the Damage. In the absence of timely return of the car, the Landlord is entitled to receive the car, keys, policies, documents of the vehicle from the Lessee and to charge the Lessee with the costs incurred to receive the car.

28. The lessee is obliged to return the car with the same amount of fuel he received at the receipt of the car. In case of violation of the aforementioned. Liability, the Lessee is obliged to repair the damage.
29. The Landlord is entitled to charge the Lessee with Damage Repair, including the following:
A. Deficiencies in the equipment of the car or its parts described in the transfer protocol and compensation for the use of the car inside or outside the scope of the normal operation,
B. Damage caused by improper car use or negligence of the Lessee (eg damaged mirrors, cracked headlights, minor damage to body parts),
C. The cost of restoring the vehicle to the normal wear and tear including upholstery and upholstery costs,
D. Compensation for the loss of value of the vehicle as a result of an accident where the cause of the accident was culpable or partially culpable by the Lessee, the driver or the passenger of the vehicle or for the loss of value of the vehicle as a result of unauthorized alterations or alterations.
30. In the event of the loss of the car's components or equipment and the damage caused by improper use and protection of the vehicle and the loss of documents, the Lessee is obliged to repair the Damage. If the Renter loses one of the following items: proof, registration plate, policy, car keys or other items indicated in the Price List, the Lessee will be obliged to repair the Damage.
31. In the event that an event is indicated in the Price List, the Damage Repair will consist in paying the Lessee according to the Price List, with the Lessor being entitled to claim supplementary compensation. However, in the case of a tenant being a consumer, the fee indicated in the Price List is an information function and represents an indicative amount of damage to the Lessor for the event. The lessee who is the consumer shall be liable on the basis of fault, subject to the wider liability provided by law. A non-consumer liability lender will only release the Lender's sole and exclusive power.
32. The Lessee shall be liable to the Lessee for performance of the rental contract, including defects of the vehicle, in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code, the terms of the Contract and the Regulations.
33. All complaints can be made by phone either by phone or by e-mail to the Landlord's email: Complaints are processed within 14 days of their submission and in case of consideration of the complaint requires additional information from the Tenant - Within 14 days of the transfer of the requested information by the Lessee.

Service, reviews and repairs

34. The Lessee takes note of the need to make available to the Landlord a periodic review of the odometer readings according to the Vehicle Service Record or the Vehicle Transfer Protocol (+/- 500 km tolerance) or on the on-board computer at agreed and agreed time With the landlord. Should a vehicle be provided for inspection at higher mileage rates or not at all, the Renter will be liable to Damage Repair, in particular for the cost of the inspection and damage to the Lessor in the form of loss of vehicle warranty.
35. The Lessee is not authorized to order repair, correction, modification, inspection or other repair or servicing of the rented car without the Lessor's consent in writing under pain of nullity. In the event of a breakdown, a road accident or damage to a car during the rental period, the Lessee is obliged to immediately notify the Landlord thereof by e-mail or telephone and follow the instructions given by the Landlord. Without the Landlord's consent, it is forbidden to continue driving until the fault has been rectified. The Renter may repair the car on its own only after obtaining the Lessor's consent (in writing, null or void) in respect of the place and extent of repair. Then the Lessee is obliged to submit bills for the service rendered, return the mentioned parts and make a statement describing the circumstances of the accident.
36. The landlord, after acknowledging the correctness of the repair and failure of liability of the Tenant for the failure, returns all costs documented by the bills.

Damage, accident, car theft - procedure of conduct

37. In the event of damage to the vehicle, accident, car theft, car damage resulting from burglary or other prohibited act or loss of keys to the vehicle, the Lessee is obliged to immediately report this fact to the Lessor by contacting the telephone and following the instructions received, Filing a claim with the insurer indicated on the insurance policy and also to immediately call the Police. Notifying the Landlord of a car theft or loss of keys to the vehicle will allow the Landlord to locate the vehicle and remotely lock the vehicle's starter.
38. In the event of not notifying the Lessor about the events mentioned in the preceding paragraph, the Lessee is obliged to repair the Damage.

Obligations of the Lessor

39. Unless otherwise stated in the rental agreement, the Lessor is not liable for damages suffered by the Lessee as a result of a car breakdown, car damage, accident if the damage was not due to the poor performance of the Lessor's obligations.
40. In the case of immobilizing a rented car for a period longer than 24 hours, the Lessor will provide the Renter a replacement vehicle if he has a vehicle that can be transferred to the Renter. The lessor's time of delivery is counted from the time the Landlord receives the information from the Lessee (the driver) of the occurrence of the car immobilisation or from the moment the Landlord finds out that the car is inoperable for more than 24 hours (depending on which The above events happen later). The dates indicated in the preceding sentence do not include weekends, ie the period from 20.00 on Friday to 7.00 on Monday and statutory holidays from 20.00 the previous day to 7.00 the following day, subject to the above. The standard term of the weekend. For the waiting period for a replacement car the Renter does not pay rent for car rental. In case of,
If the replacement car has a lower standard, the rent is appropriately reduced, subject to the rights of the Lessee being a consumer under generally applicable law.
41. The replacement car will not be available if the vehicle is immobilized outside the AL limits. In addition, if the Renter is not a consumer, the replacement vehicle will not be available if one of the events occurs: loss of registration certificate, insurance policy, car keys or registration plate.

Vehicle insurance

The car has OC / NW / Green Card insurance. In the area covered by the insurance, the Lessee may wish to take out insurance to cover damage for which the Lessee is liable. However, the scope of insurance does not include, in particular:
A. Intentionally damaging the vehicle,
B. Damage while driving in the state after drinking or drinking, after drug or psychotropic drug use or without a valid and honored AL license,
C. Damage to the vehicle if the speed limit is exceeded by at least 30 km / h, or if another serious traffic violation is committed (the insurer reserves the insured person's share - the franchise or the total exclusion of the insurer's liability for damage).
D. If the driver has fled the scene of the accident
E. Damage caused when the person in charge was an unauthorized person under the rental agreement or driving regulations
F. Car theft, in case the Renter is unable to provide the stolen vehicle keys or certificate,
G. Stealing a car in which all anti-theft devices installed in it have not been activated,
H. Theft of a vehicle, its equipment and damage to a vehicle or its equipment as a result of an attempted theft if an incident has occurred outside the European Union,
I. Burglary, which resulted in the radio being stolen together with the panel
J. Other special cases arising from the general terms of insurance contracts or policies. The Renter is obliged to read the terms of the policy, the general terms and conditions of the car insurance contracts and changes in the general terms and conditions of the car insurance agreements, and to comply with the terms of the regulations and, if the vehicle is made available, also instruct the person responsible for the vehicle. Documents - under the pain of the obligation to repair the damage. In addition, upon request of the Lessee the contents of the current general terms and conditions of the insurance contract are made available to the Lessee prior to the conclusion of the lease. Upon conclusion of the contract the Renter may acquaint with the current general terms and conditions of the insurance contract in each Lessor's unit.
42. The coverage of the damage referred to in the preceding paragraph shall not take place either in respect of damage not covered by the insurer's liability or in respect of damage not reported by the lessee to the insurer in such a way as to enable payment of compensation.
43. Cars may be insured against Foreign Liability in Foreign Traffic (the so-called Green Card). This insurance can be issued after the fact of leaving the Landlord hiring a minimum of 24 hours before the lease.
44. Cars have anti-theft insurance required by the insurance company. For property protection and theft protection, the Landlord installs GPS locating devices in rented cars.
45. In case of damage to the Lessee by the Lessee, the Lessee will be liable for the Damage Repair ("T" of the Price List), compensating the Lessor for the costs of carrying out repairs and for the loss of market value of the damaged vehicle. Damage repair is the responsibility of the Lessee also when the Lessor, due to the low damage value, will release the Lessee from the obligation to report the damage to the insurer, deciding to cover the cost of repairing himself.

Conclusion of the contract via the internet form

46. Conclusion of the lease agreement with the Lessor by completing and accepting the web form, subject to clauses 49, 50 and 52 of the Regulations, based on the Client's offer submitted through the web form available after the e-mail statement of the Lessor about the acceptance submitted in the abovementioned. Way of the Client's offer.
48. When submitted by the Customer in the aforementioned. Mode of offer, the Landlord is obliged to send the Client a statement of acceptance or non-acceptance of the offer within 2 hours of receiving from the Client mentioned above. Offer to the e-mail address indicated by the Customer. Upon receipt of a statement of acceptance, the Client is obliged to pay the total rental costs (rent or any other agreed fees) or advance payment for the rent specified in the offer (Reservation Fee). Where the time of booking the vehicle and the time it takes for the customer to pick up the vehicle less than 72 hours, it is necessary to pay the total rental cost. The customer selects the payment method available from the vehicle reservation page.

49. If settlement of the rental charge is effected in a way other than through the e-Card transaction platform, the fulfillment by the Customer of the online form shall be deemed to be the delivery of the initial offer and payment of the rent to the Lender's bank account on his website. The web is treated as the final offer. In such case, the Lessor immediately after receiving the confirmation of the impact of the indicated cash on the above mentioned. The bank account is required to send the Client a statement of acceptance or non-acceptance of the offer within the meaning of point 48 of the Regulations, addressed by the Customer's e-mail address or fax number.
50. If the Lessor fails to deliver within the time indicated on the web form of the car in the class selected by the Customer, the Lessor shall provide the Customer with a higher class vehicle at the same rental rate applicable to the rental of the vehicle to which the order was made by the Customer. The customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract if he does not agree to change the vehicle to a higher class vehicle. Where it is not possible for a customer of a higher class vehicle to provide a vehicle to the Customer, the Customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract until the amount of the Reservation Fee is paid. In such a case, the Landlord will reimburse the Customer for the entire Reservation Fee or the amount of rent paid as a result of booking a car.
51. The condition for accepting the offer by the Lessor is:
A. Acceptance by the Customer of the rental conditions of the vehicle by filling the online form available on the web site of the Lessor with all the data required by the Lessor, accepting the content of the Regulations and displaying a message confirming the acceptance of the reservation,
B. Meeting the conditions set out in pt. Rules 2 and 54,
C. Placing an order at least 72 hours before the scheduled date of issue of the vehicle specified on the web form,
D. The Customer makes a payment to the Lessor for the total rental or reservation fee.
52. The customer may refuse to receive the reserved vehicle informing the Landlord of the termination of the lease. If, from the moment of the cancellation of the rental until the agreed time of receipt of the vehicle, less than 12 hours have elapsed from the lease, the Customer shall pay the amount equal to the Reserve Fee, by way of remuneration. The landlord will then be obliged to return to the Customer paid for the rental of amounts in excess of the Reservation Fee (within 7 working days, and in the case of consumers - without delay). If, from the moment of the cancellation of the rental until the agreed time of receipt of the vehicle, it remains at least 12 hours, the Lessee shall reimburse the Customer for the total amount paid by the Client towards the rental or reservation fee.
53. Car pick up can only be done by the Customer personally. At the time of car pick up the customer is obliged to have:
A valid ID card, and when the customer is a foreign national - a valid passport,
B. Valid and recognized in the territory of Poland a driving license,
C. Payment card or cash to make the appropriate payment for the rental,
D. If other persons authorized to drive the vehicle - the originals of the relevant documents indicated in subparagraphs "a" and "b" of this Regulation,
54. In case of non-compliance by the Client or another person indicated by him on the online form under "PERSONAL DATA" requirements specified in point 2 or 54 of the Regulations, the Lessor will be entitled to terminate the lease without retention period. The reservation fee is non-refundable. The landlord will be obliged to immediately return to the Client the amount paid in excess of the Reservation Fee.
55. If the Customer fails to collect the vehicle within the time agreed by the parties within 12 hours of the date of receipt, it is considered that the lease has been terminated. The landlord will then be obliged to immediately return to the Client only the amounts paid in excess of the Reserve Fee.
56. The lessee is not entitled to withdraw from the lease under Art. 27 of the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights in connection with the wording of art. 38 pt. Act.
57. Upon receipt of the vehicle, the Lessee is obliged to pay a deposit to secure the claims of the Lessor on the basis of the lease agreement. Payment can be made in the form of cashless or by cash lock (preauthorization of operations) on the payment card of the Lessee


No registration card, policy
Insurance, license plate or sticker
Registration on the glass
80 Euro
No key without pilot central lock 80 Euro
No key with central locking remote control 170 Euro
Loss or destruction of the remote control alarm 70 Euro
No non-original cap 20 Euro
No original cap 40 Euro
No panel for radio 80 Euro
No technical documents
(Vehicle Service Register, Warranty Book,
User manual)
50 Euro
Disassembly of car accessories or
Make other modifications or changes without permission
The landlord
50 Euro
No car equipment parts no
Listed in the price list
Fee according to Manufacturer price list + 35%
Smoking in the car 60 Euro
Loss of warranty on the car due to the fault of the Lessee
(Person driving the vehicle)
650 Euro
Carrying animals inside the car 80 Euro
Towing other hired vehicles
by car
50 Euro
Make a car available to someone not
Authorized to drive
70 Euro
Unauthorized vehicle movement outside
AL borders
25 Euro For every day of the car stay behind
Delay in the car's return
Three times the daily rent rate for
Every day delay
The cost of repairing sheet metal-lak, mechanical (including
Upholstery costs) and spare parts and
Cost of service or parts +35%
The damage was created during the lease and not cleared in
Weight of the OC policy of the perpetrator.
25 Euro
Completion of missing fuel
1,5 Euro per liter of fuel PB95 or Diesel



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